Thursday, 3 April 2014


#tbt Throwback Thursday: To the start of Valeria's journey with her customised bikini line. These bespoke pieces are absolutely stunning and I was so excited to be a part of her very first event. The bikini's are perfect for anyone looking for a statement poolside piece that will stand out on holiday.

Valeria's determination is inspiring and her ever changing product line is incredible. To see more from WLB such as custom made underwear, crystallised converse and other accessories, visit their instagram page: WITHLOVEBOUTIQUEX 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


So after seeing ASOS posting about how they are loving the #nikeair trend I decided to join in. 
The Sports Luxe trend is an absolute dream for my wee toes, as there is nothing as comfortable as a pair of Nike Airs. They're one of the only shoes I've every bought that didn't need to be broken in. These bright pink babies are the perfect way to brighten up a black on black or monochrome outfit:

top // rihanna for river island // trousers zara

These motorbike style leathers are forecast to be in for A/W 14, however I couldn't wait. On the first day I wore these leathers I noticed a split at the seam, the seam I thought was on the leg when returning them... but the sales assistant pointed out was in fact ON THE BUM. I was Mortified, but thankfully she agreed it was down to poor stitching and not my large bahoookie. Instead of simply returning these trousers - which my bank balance would have appreciated - I ended up exchanging them for another pair and giving them a second chance... fingers crosssssed.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


On first seeing Kim Kardashian in her killer PVC skirt I immediately knew this trend would be a challenge. How to wear PVC and still look conservative/ respectable/ not as though you are wearing something that resembles an Ann Summers naughty nurse outfit? Challenge accepted. The PVC Skirt was without a doubt a must have item for January/February 2014. Courtesy of my sister, I was  able to partake in this trend with my MissGuided baby blue number. Here's how I wore it: 

top boohoo // skirt missguided // shoes newlook // sunglasses river island

I toned down my skirt by wearing a simplistic white boxed top and classic black sandals. Admittedly I've been dreading winter ending, as it also meant saying goodbye to the chunky block heeled boots that got me down so many cobbled streets comfortably. However I'm sure these beauties will be worth a few stumbles and it will give me all the more reason to top up my nail varnish collection.

On the topic of challenges I have decided to set myself a few... 

no.1 To go to the gym at least once a week and make this membership worth while. Perhaps new gym trainers will encourage this... Any excuse to add to my beeeautiful Nike collection.

no.2 To blog more often.... Even if it is just me ranting about how much I would rather not go to the gym. I feel I have neglected this blog recently... this post is a prime example as I meant to have it up at the start of February. Time to get back on track.

Friday, 24 January 2014


First shoot of the year and I am a metaphorical ice cream. Chocolate, of course.
When given the task to advertise ice-cream without showing the product, Rowena couldn't simply photograph an empty tub... Instead I get a call asking how OK I am with being stripped and painted in chocolate.

'What are you baking with all that chocolate?' - Rowena's Mum

WHATGRACEWEARS? Cadburys, 3000 calories worth.

Monday, 20 January 2014

18 GOING ON 80

Withdrawal symptoms kicked in. I have returned.

New year, New font.

2014 has started out well for me. I have given myself the New Years resolution to be more realistic. Realistically it is impossible to eat no carbs, stop drinking alcohol and have the perfect body. I have accepted this and realised I am much happier enjoying a bowl of pasta with garlic bread and a glass of wine, with the plate balanced on my non existent six pack.

18 going on 80...
One thing I have stuck to so far this January is my knitting.......... despite all the laughter the idea of me learning to knit evoked, I am now officially able to knit. It has caused the odd emotional break down,'beginners knitting mistakes' features regularly in my Google history and I have Youtube tutorials saved in my favourites...I'm just not you're average 18 year old. I am confident my scarf will be complete in time for winters arrival and everyone who is still laughing at this won't be laughing when they're freezing and I'm wrapped up in my 243804 meter long scarf. As for all the mistakes..... I've convinced myself they add character, if I wanted something perfect I would buy it from a shop. My goal is to knit hats for babies in 3rd world countries and hope to be doing this by the end of summer.

How many excuses can one girl make?
I need to revise
The car park will be full
All the new-bees will be there taking up the machines
I can't find my card
I can do sit ups at home instead

Those were 5 of my favourites. However I do need to wise up now with it being the end of January many of these excuses are now invalid. It's time to man up and face the spin bikes. Especially with me having all this free time after exams. I am still adjusting to the feeling of lying in bed like a sloth listening to music and feeling absolutely zero guilt. Well zero 'I should be revising' guilt.... still a little 'I should be at  the gym' guilt. Perhaps tomorrow will be the start of an exercise routine... or perhaps not.

From a slightly chubbier gym dodging, knitting queen....

Monday, 16 December 2013


If you thought my tree was over the top... wait until you see my decorations. My parents insist on keeping every decoration I've ever made... from the age I was able to glue googly eyes to a CD and pass it off as a snowman. The picture below is just a taster of the art work peeking in between the branches.

It is far from the symmetrical window display tree that everyone longs for. No, this tree is bursting with junk... or I guess you could call it memories? It sounds far sweeter that way. Everywhere we go we end up picking up more decorations, I guess it's my mums way of justifying the size of our tree. 

It's also not Christmas without the lights along the gutter. I usually watch from the comfort of my window as my dad and sister struggle to get them up, however this year I decided to get stuck in. I love Christmas lights from the icicle styles, dripping from the drain pipes to the flashing snowmen... although some are surely guilty of causing epileptic fits. There's nothing like driving home to this... 

9 days, and counting...
all we need now is a little snow!

Friday, 13 December 2013


Starting from the top left (no.1) I'm going to give you an insight into my Instagram pictures. This is something a little different I thought I'd try... Notice the 2% battery and 1 bar of wifi signal, story of my life!!

1. My mum says I look foreign... but I'm OK with that.
I'm reliving my childhood in this picture with my 'pineapple' hair do. Despite being told I look about 12 I'm enjoying this nostalgic look. Add a thick block fringe and cut off some of the length and you have 3 year old Grace. I teamed up a cosy Zara turtle neck with some River Island gold jewellery and heeeeey presto. I'm absolutely loving the the finger tip rings however the gold hoops scared me a little - I just don't know if I'm ghetto enough to pull them off.

2.Sushi and Shopping
Ok so this plate comforted me through finding out my plan for the Logistics report was wrong. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have read many a tweet about how Logistics is currently out to ruin my life... After finishing my presentation I became complacent forgetting I had a report on this subject also. So with a week left and a completely useless plan, get ready for more dramatic tweets. On the plus side Yo Sushi is amazing, and for all you 'I don't eat raw fish... or fish at all' people out there... Neither do I! Chicken, noodles and I was in my mint. Also take note of the beginners chop sticks... I snuck a pair of real ones home with me to practice... I will be checking out YouTube tutorials (my answer to everything). I then went shopping to cheer myself up and managed to spend farrrr to much... including the top and jewellery from picture number 1 - Katy is a bad influence on me! 

3. New Bigger bag... Just what I need
So on arriving home after the whole Logistics scenario I decided I needed some more comfort food. This bag of sensations was inhaled.... yes, I am out of control. There is something about these crisps though I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't like them. This new bigger bag is one of the best things to happen in the crisp field, highly recommend you take a trip to ASDA. Have you ever noticed that your hand is always in the bag ready to stuff another few crisps in your face before you've swallowed what's in your mouth? You will now notice this every time you eat crisps.

4. Merry Christmas from the farm
I'm pretty sure I am doing the only University course where your lecturer greets you with chocolates as you arrive for your lecture. SOOO thoughtful!! As for the sweetie itself, it was delicious which isn't surprising as when do M&S ever fail when it comes to good food. It tasted like a weird chocolate strawberry mix.... slightly hard to remember as it was gone in seconds. I'm starting to notice a recurring theme in my Instagram pictures, can you tell I like my food?

5. In my eyes
This picture still amazes me. Daniel managed to zoom in so clearly that you can see himself, and his lighting equipment in my eyes. It also shows my really messy mascara. *boys you won't relate to what I'm about to say* Do you not hate how when applying mascara one eye is always neat and the other ends up looking like tangled spiders legs... Then when you try and neaten it up you end up making them too thick and clumpy and the end look is 3 thick eyelashes? Drives me CRAZZZZZZZZZY and this picture although incredible is a constant reminder of how mascara irritates me. It is also an example of how incredible photographers and their equipment are... So let's just focus on the positives!

6. Games
This picture speaks for itself. 
"I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play games of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday." AMEN. Perhaps it's not the person I am.... But it certainly is who I'd like to be.  I will never understand people who live their life to please others or constantly seek approval from others. Trying to be better than the person you were yesterday... sure beats trying to out do someone.

7. Snake Life
One of my favourite animal looks from our recent magazine shoot. I think you will all be sick and fed up of me talking about this shoot so I will stop! If you are interested in reading about this picture then click here where you can meet the creative team behind the shoot and read about our inspirations. 

8. Find what you love and let it kill you
I love a deep quote. This one is a personal favourite. I interpret the love as a dream... whatever it may be, and it's telling you never to give up on it. Little bit cheese I know, but I can't resist. Also search Voltaire Quotes for a late night read if your needing inspired...

9. Surprise!
This is a video, which sums up my level of maturity and how easily amused I am. Yes I dooo jump out of the box and shout surprise... Well at least I try but my pony tail whips me in the face and I end up in fits of laughter. There's something about boxes though, you can't just throw them out without at least trrrrying to squeeze in. Can you believe how big it is though? For a pair of size 5 wellies.... C'mon now John Lewis.

01:56, working at 7.55 tomorrow... Time for bed!
Goodnight Lovely's!